About Ron

Meet Ron Duggan. Since he was little, he loved the outdoors. Growing up in Chesterland, OH he is a native East Sider. His outdoor spirit has led him to travel to Canada, Mexico and the Dominican Republic only doing the most adventurous of activities (cave diving, primitive camping, living off the land and using his horticulturist skills to his advantage.)

When working with Ron, you can believe he is going to put his whole heart into landscaping your house or commercial property. 

Currently he resides in Newbury along with his beautiful wife Barb and two daughters Carlee and Olivia. Accompanying his family are 3 chickens and 2 cats, Smokey and Noel. 

Ron & Family

Owner of DGE Landscaping

Smokey Bones

Chipmunk Specialist

Your Chesterland Landscaping Specialist